Verema Tardana

Verema Tardana, our first sweet wine with eight years of aging that has become great with the winery

Verema Tardana is the first sweet wine of Herència Altés, a 100% white Grenache that surprises with its personality, freshness and acidity.

In addition to the whites, reds and rosés, we incorporate to our catalog, for the first time, our first sweet wine: Verema Tardana. It is a 100% white Grenache, with a bright amber color and very particular, especially because it is a sweet wine with long aging.

We harvested the Verema Tardana just 8 years ago, on November 7, 2013. After aeration and fermentation, it was first five years in French oak barrels and 3 more years in bottle. In the words of Núria Altés, "the Verema Tardana has grown up by our side and now, after eight years evolving in the barrel in the corner of the winery, we have it ready to go out onto the street and sweeten the memory and the senses".

On the nose, this new sweet awakens notes of dehydrated orange peel, caramel, hazelnut and Mediterranean herbs, while the palate is both fresh and unctuous with a touch of acidity. "It is a sweet wine that surprises because it moves away from those cloyingly sweet wines we all remember and, despite its sweetness, it maintains a touch of freshness, the essence of Grenache Blanc," says Núria Altés.

We recommend pairing it with traditional sweets from the Terra Alta region, such as hazelnut cake or jam "casquetes" and also with dark chocolate with at least 80% cocoa. The Verema Tardana is very small -only 500 bottles 500 bottles, and can be purchased for 29.50€ at the same winery located in the Fincat the same winery located at Finca Lo Grau (Coll Del Moro), N420 km798, Gandesa (Terra Alta) and at our online store.