Awakened by nature

Harmony between cultivation and what the land gives us


"I remember when I was a little girl that the sound of the tractors at dawn marked the beginning of the grape harvest and that for days all the streets of the town smelled of grape juice. It was my parents and, above all, my grandparents, who passed on to me the values of being from such a place, and like an old vine, with my feet rooted to the earth, I grew up and loved my surroundings.

When Rafa appeared in my life we wanted to give wine form to this land of stones, of dry land, of old vines, of hospitable and cheerful people, of cierzo and garbí. I will never forget the feeling of opening the doors of our winery for the first time, at that moment we started a project that not only praises my ancestors and a way of cultivating the land, but is also symbolic of the town where I was born and grew up.

We want our wines to be a reflection of their terroir. It is the vines and the land where they rest that are the absolute protagonists that fill our bottles so that when someone in our house, or on the other side of the world, tastes our wines and closes their eyes, they feel the same aromas that I felt when I was a little girl at the beginning of the grape harvest."



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