Hudin top 100 | 2023

by Miquel Hudin

La Pilosa 2021 by Herència Altés and Mirum 2020 by Bodegas Valdaya are among the 100 best wines on the 2023 list created by Miquel Hudin.

According to Hudin: "For 2023, we went back and looked at top scorers from the thousands ofSpanish wines that were reviewed in order to compile a finite list of thosethat stood out for a variety of reasons including: representative of region orgrape variety, quality for price, ideally being available outside theirproduction region, and of course, how well they scored".

These are the comments of our wines:

Dried red cherry with a great wealth of anise, black pepper, dried plum peel, fragrant rose petals. Great deal of body for the variety, excellent length, fresh, lively, very pretty with a fine, lingering finish.

Dried blackberry and light graphite notes with some wild strawberry and black tea notes, toasted woody notes along the edges, and light, dried laurel. Very fine, balanced width on the palate with a poised acidity and length.

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