Herència Altés: Crafting Sustainable Catalan Wines

by Inma Muñoz

In the sun-kissed heart of Catalonia’s southernmost wine region, DO Terra Alta, where vibrant vineyards paint the landscape with a kaleidoscope of colors each spring, Herència Altés proudly stands as a family winery deeply rooted in a profound love for the land and a steadfast commitment to its preservation. Their wines exude character, freshness, and elegance, mirroring the essence of the terroir and transporting you sip by sip to the very place where they were born.

Meet Herència Altés: A Winery Steeped in Tradition and Innovation

Nuria Altés and her husband Rafael de Haan embarked on this remarkable winemaking journey in 2010. It was a journey born out of their unconditional love for the land and a strong connection to their ancestors, who were deeply entrenched in the art of vine-growing. Nuria’s upbringing amidst vineyards was more than just a childhood; it was a profound immersion in the cycle of a vineyard’s life. She vividly recalls the early morning sounds of tractors signaling the start of harvest and the intoxicating aroma of grape juice that wafted through the village streets during those days.

Now, together with her husband, they are on a mission to transmit this deep-seated affection for the land and the way it is cultivated in all the wines they produce. Their vision is simple yet profound: to create wines that are a true reflection of the terroir, carrying with them the heritage and passion of Terra Alta.

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