The terroir and the vineyards that (survive) in it are our alma mater.

Our mission:

  1. Produce wines faithful to the characteristics of our soils and their surroundings, to the climate and altitude of the Ribera del Duero in Burgos and to be able to transmit the uniqueness of these vineyards in each glass of wine.
  2. Inspire a new way of making wines in the Ribera, focusing on the fruit and the particularities of each estate where the vines are formed. Reveal the potential of each small plot through micro-vinifications, recognizing and stimulating all its capacities.
  3. Respect for the environment and for the natural character of each vineyard, for small farmers and for all their efforts. Each work is developed manually and meticulously, understanding at each step the legacy of the roots that have seen us grow so that, today, we can strengthen that bond.

THE UNIQUENESS OF OUR VINEYARDS: altitude and minerality

We have old vineyards in one of the most extraordinary areas of the Ribera del Duero, where small vineyards are camouflaged among pines, junipers and holm oaks. A landscape of green hills, full of forest, giving a living
ecosystem rich in organic matter

We work following the parameters of organic and sustainable agriculture, taking advantage of the richness
provided by natural permaculture, the most traditional way of understanding the context where our vines grow in order to adapt to it.

We work recovering old vines, where soil labors and respectful pruning are very important to strengthen roots
and wood. We accompany the entire process to achieve a homogeneous sprouting and thus maintain the spirit of family farms and all the efforts dedicated to them during past generations.


Our philosophy is to let our wines express the maximum potential of each terroir. We produce soil wines through plot micro-vinifications.

As if it were a photo of the vineyard, our wines reveal the singularities of the terroir and the environment where they have been raised.

Seeking maximum honesty, we make our wines with minimal extraction. Our goal is to accompany the winemaking process, making very subtle infusions (in some cases even punching down with the hands) and ensuring longer fermentations to obtain fresher and more floral wines.

The aging of the wines is decided according to their organoleptic characteristics, always working with fine-grained oak that are more respectful and, in some cases, also in concrete.

Our wines are naturally stable, we do not clarify and we filter very gently so that when you drink a Valdaya wine you can feel the essence and transport yourself to that small plot of Burgos's Ribera del Duero.


Marta Ramas and Miguel Fisac are the technical directors of the project.

The couple, who are natives from Valladolid, studied oenology at the University of Bordeaux and learned their trade working in Saint-Emilion, Napa Valley and Capetown in South Africa. With the Valdaya project they returned to their homeland, Ribera del Duero, to begin a new way of winemaking based on micro-fermentations and carrying out each process manually to express the maximum potential of each terroir.

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