The estate of “Lo Grau el Inquisidor”, is located at the foot of the “Coll del Moro” with the massif of “Les Ports”, one of the most emblematic landscapes of Terra Alta, as its backdrop. The vineyard is located in an historic, unique location, near the archaeological site of Coll del Moro, consisting of a fortified enclosure, visible from the vineyard, and a necropolis well preserved and enabled to receive visitors, dating between 800 and 500 BC.

Recent excavations have highlighted the winemaking tradition of the area, uncovering what is probably the oldest wine press in Catalonia from the third century A.D.

At the top of the hill and a few meters from the Iberian necropolis, we find the site where Franco installed his military outlook post from where he directed the offensive against the Republican Army in September 1938.

The vineyard is located at an altitude of about 425 meters above sea level, on a plain surrounded by mountains, where again, the Cerç and Garbí winds have a key role in preserving the perfect state of health of the vines, as does the natural barrier of the massif dels Ports, which fends off storms from the sea.

We have a total of 18 hectares planted mainly with garnacha blanca, planted between 1954 and 1964, and a little Grenache Gris. We work the vines manually and organically, with maximum respect for the historic environment, a land of the past, but also the future.

Soils are mostly of "pañal", limestone and clay, poor in organic matter.

Some facts about Lo Grau
• Total area 18 Ha
• Garnacha Blanca 4 Ha
• Grenache Gris 01:20 Ha
• Altitue 390-425 m
• Facing the West - East
• GPS coordinates    41°03'08.1'' N    0°23'42.6'' E