Garnatxa Negra
D.O. Terra Alta
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Positioned on the east side of a plateau that slopes towards Gandesa, La Xalamera occupies 15 hectares of classic Terra Alta terroir: a thin top layer of sandy loam resting on a thick slab of calcareous limestone that at points, penetrates the surface. The upper slopes of the valley lie at 442 metres, sloping down to 402 metres, where the soil is slightly more fertile.
La Xalamera is a single vineyard wine made from Garnatxa Negra vines planted in between 1959 and 2004. Hand harvested in small boxes, the grapes are cooled overnight and the following morning pass along a sorting table to remove any unwanted berries. Some 30% of the bunches are emptied directly into concrete tanks, with the remaining grapes destemmed and crushed. Fermentation begins after 2-3 days and during the first week very gentle punch downs are carried out by hand. Once fermentation is complete, the wine is pressed and aging begins in 500 litre French oak barrels. Once malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine is transferred to large Austrian oak fudres to continue élevage for a further 6 months. 3000 bottles produced.
Tasting Note
 Alcohol : 15 % 
 Residual Sugar :  
 Total Acidity :